To Get Lost is to Learn the Way

Formerly a blog solely displaying pictures captured by myself, I have decided to document a new chapter of my life. Having recently dropped out of university deferred my admission into university and currently with no future ambition; I am on a hopeful path to self-discovery. However, I’m off to study a four-year European and International Law course (this sounds better than saying I’m off to study Law) next year. It’s four years because it comes with a compulsory year abroad. One of my fears, as silly as it sounds, is that I’m going to be old (I just turned 18) when I graduate. I know this doesn’t matter that much but I can’t help thinking about how I would still be in school when all my friends have graduated and then I’ll never get a job. Is this a legitimate fear? Only me? It’s stupid, I know.

Although I could have opted for the normal three-year Law degree, studying plain old Law just didn’t appeal to me. I’m still not sure studying Law at all really appeals to me actually. I guess I shouldn’t worry so much about how old I would be when I eventually leave university but focus instead on the experience as I’m going to be there for four years of my life anyway. Well, back to the real world as I’m not going to university anytime soon, I guess I should be thinking of making the best out of my gap-year. I also think it’s worthy of note that this gap-year is being embarked upon due to circumstances beyond my control, hence the worries. While on this ‘journey’, I shall make sure to chip in occasional rambles about my different experiences and life in Nigeria. Who knows, I might eventually figure out what I want to do with my life. We can only hope.

Till then… Love and regular blog posts.