The Killer Mutant Invaders of Britain and the Non-headliners of Nigeria


I came across this post by the Daily Star on Twitter about how killer rats that can’t be killed are invading Britain. This is sad as I have friends in Britain and would be very concerned if they ever encounter any of these rats. The post was titled “Invasion of the killer mutant rats”. Before I read about this first world problem, the first thought that crossed my mind was why rats were getting this much attention. Surely they had to be pretty special to be in the news. You can read the story here. Of course rats are nothing new in Nigeria so you can understand my disbelief. There were times, when I was in secondary school that rats were spotted in the Dining Hall. Girls and boys would jump on the little stools we sat on. Not me of course. This was obviously just a little show –certainly, they had all seen rats before. Well this story by the Daily Star led me to remember some rats I used to know. However, unlike their European counterparts, these African rats never made the headlines.

I don’t know when they first gained entry into my home or how they did it but they wasted no time in making their presence known. My mother tried all she could to ensure that these rats didn’t stay long but like the rats that are currently invading Britain, these rats refused to die. Perhaps they were killer mutants as well. After we had tried everything from traps to poison and throwing slippers and they still didn’t die, we gave up. We just had to be wary of these mutant rats. After some time, living with the rats had become normal. In a way they had become part of my home. They would stare at me while I watched TV at night and run away when I turned. I’m guessing they were probably shy. However, it got scary when I would hear rat noises while I was watching crime and investigation shows. I almost gave them names but I had to resist that urge. It is ‘un-African’ and only people in America and England keep rats as pets.


Well, it turned out that Albert, Betty and Joe these rats were not like the current killer mutant invaders of Britain as they eventually died and have since been forgotten (well, up until this moment). I sincerely hope that just like these rats, the killer mutant invaders of Britain will be one day eradicated.

 Till they are,

Love and regular blog posts.