How to Make a Nigerian Hit Single

Image Practically everyone in Nigeria today is an upcoming musician. It can be difficult to get a chance for your music to be heard because of this but if you're looking for a way to get your big break, here is an essential guide to making a hit single and becoming the next Wizkid or Davido.

The first step is to invest in a good music producer, as it is all about the beat of the song. The lyrics are secondary because we don’t need to understand what you’re singing about. It could be in Wingdings for all we care. If you can’t afford a top-class music producer, you shouldn’t be so worried because the beats of all Nigerian songs are similar anyway. It is only recommended for when you shout your producer’s name at the beginning of the song. You’re better off shouting the name of someone that is well known and recognized like Don Jazzy or Sarz than shouting out ‘OZ-Mix’ for example. If it happens that you end up with OZ-Mix, you are better off not announcing it at the beginning of your song. You just need to announce your own name and come up with a catch phrase or two that you will use in subsequent songs. This is important because in the future, listeners would be able to immediately identify your songs.

Like I mentioned earlier, the lyrics are secondary. Feel free to rhyme words such as ‘Nigeria’ and ‘Bacteria’. You won’t get judged for this. It is important that you learn a little Yoruba for the song. It does not matter if your first name is Odinma or your last name is Musa. It also doesn’t matter if you were born in Cross River or christened in Zamfara. You have to learn that Yoruba for your song to be a hit. You must then use the little Yoruba you’ve learnt at any opportunity you get. The verses of the song are also less important than the chorus. No one cares if you’re singing about the yam you ate for lunch as long as you have got a killer chorus. Therefore, all your effort must go into making a killer chorus. From my experience, you only need a catchy phrase or two and you insert the title of your song at the end of the phrases. Then you repeat. It is that easy.


It is necessary that you mention how “you don hammer” and have now made it -starting from the bottom and all that. Even if no one knows who you are yet, you can’t let people know that you’re nobody. Besides, you are bound to become a star after following this simple guide. Also, it is necessary to acknowledge your elders. In your song, you must mention the names of all the people in the music industry that have been of assistance to you in any way. When shooting your video, they must all make cameo appearances even if it’s just one second per person. The video does not necessarily have to be representative of your song or lyrics in any way. You might be singing about how you want a girl to be your wife and your video can be you dancing in the middle of the road with some girls, for example. It is also helpful if you have some flashy cars in the video and some scantily clad dancing girls. You can also showcase jewellery and shoes and if you must showcase money, you must make sure it’s Dollars. Naira is not acceptable and would not boost your street cred. It’s just like choosing Close Up over Colgate or Omo over Persil. This is not acceptable.

Finally, at the end of the song, you let the beat play for some seconds and fool around or exhibit your dancing skills. This is a method employed to endear you to your listeners and viewers as they get to know you a little bit better. Having read this, you can now head to the studio and record your hit single. Good luck on becoming the next D’banj!

P.S: Repeat steps to avoid becoming a one-hit wonder.

This is an example of a Nigerian Hit