Hot Spicy Wings x6

This is a short story of trust, deceit and betrayal that I just had to share.

After my French lessons on Monday, my mum took me to get some ice-cream (I feel like a little child writing this but whatever) at the fast-food restaurant just opposite where I have my lessons. After we had paid for the ice-cream, we were told that they had no change. The only way to solve this problem was to buy something else and so I suggested that we buy ‘Hot spicy wings x6’.


Happy with my latest purchase, we headed home. While in the car, I decided to dig in. Lo and behold, before my myopic eyes were three funny looking wings, devoid of hotness and definitely lacking in the spice department. Where had the three other wings gone? Did they suddenly fly away? I looked into the bag just in case they had actually escaped but they were nowhere to be found.


Was Nicole the woman who served us so hungry that she had to take some wings? Perhaps she expected us to divide one wing to serve as two. I felt betrayed and lied to by these people at Southern Fried Chicken. Do they do this to all their customers? Well it was too late to go back so I had to settle for these three lanky wings. The lesson here, my friends, is to be wary of fast-food restaurants and to always check because you never know what you might get. The person serving you might just be hungry.

Love and regular blog posts.