Dear WordPress


I am angry. I am angry because I spent my time yesterday, the 22nd of March 2014 trying to update my blog which I had not updated in a while, only to be frustrated by you, WordPress. I expected much more WP. We've been buddies for almost 2 years now. Why would you do this to me? It would have been better if the post had shown no signs of being posted but that was not the case. It was very visible on my Reader and it opened when I clicked the link I had shared on Twitter. What trickery!

I received some complaints from some of my faithful readers on Twitter. They asked if I had deleted my post. I was confused. I told them to check again because I was sure my post was there, waiting to be read. I had faith in you WP. I went to bed feeling uncertain and unsure of my blogging abilities. I had not received any feedback. I couldn't remember the last time I hadn't received any feedback. I even considered giving up on my blog.

I became worried when I received another complaint this morning. I decided to investigate. I visited my blog and what did I see looking back at me?


I saw this. My Missing Manchester post from almost two weeks ago. Where was the Introverted Nigerian post that I supposedly put up just last night? Do you now eat posts WP? Is that what keeps you going? Devouring posts? I was sad. It meant no one had seen my post. I had worked hard on it by the way. Well I ended up getting in up (I think. You never know with you, WP.) and I had to apologise to the complainers.

This is totally unacceptable WP. I am disappointed but I won't leave you. I can't see myself with Tumblr or Blogger. I just hope you sort yourself out and do the right thing.

A dissatisfied user.