After spending the coldest day of my life in Bratislava, it was a relief to be welcomed into a moderately cold rainy evening in Prague. I was 17 the first time I identified the Czech Republic on a map. Before I had started learning French and found myself in Geneva, Prague was where I had wanted to spend my compulsory year abroad. Why Prague? There was no real reason. Well, none that I can think of now. I probably liked the name just like I liked the way Manchester sounded and decided to spend a year there.

Making decisions is not one of my strong suits but on this rainy evening in Prague, I knew that it was where I wanted to be. Not only because of my penchant for nostalgia but also because I was glad to be away from cold Slovakia.

Prague was exactly what I imagined it to be. Its beauty did not surprise me because I had once spent hours looking at pictures of the city, planning my life as an exchange student there. I felt some regret as I passed by Charles University with my friend. I mentioned how prettier it was than our university building back in Geneva and that perhaps I should have come here instead. She replied that we would never have met if I had chosen Prague. I tried to find some solace in that reply, keeping it at the back of my mind anytime I saw something that made me regret my decision not to choose Prague.

When I wasn’t full of longing, I took pictures. I took pictures of this place that I like so much for reasons I can’t fully explain.